A lot of the common things people want to know about us are located here: , but feel free to contact us in the below space with any questions you might have.  The short form below will send an e-mail directly to our inbox (

Top 10:

1.  We provide the driver who steers and brakes, a stereo and of course, the bike.  We help you load and unload your items from the overhead roof rack, take pictures, clean up the mess and anything else you may need over the course of the tour.

2. Must be 21 to drink alcohol at bars, but we do allow 18yr olds to ride along.  Sorry, our insurance policy does not allow children to ride.

3. If youre looking for an available date click here.  You don’t have to book, you can also just search the calendar for available dates.

4. The max party size is 16 people (no exceptions) and the min recommended is 6.  We provide a driver, which would be the 17th person.  We do have 4 bikes so we can take 4 out at once for a total of 64 people.

5. Cost for a 2hr tour is $400 Friday/Saturday and $300 all other days.  That means it’s between $18-25/person if you bring 16 people.

6. We have a stereo on board with a headphone jack that you can hook up your ipod/iphone to so you can be the DJ.  If you’d rather us choose the music we have an FM/AM radio we can play as well.

7. We start and end all tours at the same location (190 Gratiot)  (Remember that we are a bicycle, not a bus, and The HandleBar doesn’t move without pedal power!)  :)  A map is here:

8. The HandleBar operates from mid-March through November, 7-days a week.  We run from 12:30pm to 10pm Monday-Friday, and 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.  If you’d like to book a tour time outside this range just shoot us an e-mail to

9. Most people prefer that we take care of the route, but if you have something in mind different from the below all you have to do is tell your driver right before the tour (or during it :)).  We stick to the downtown areas only and typically we do 3 stops: Campus Martius area (Grand Trunk Pub, Checker Bar, Hard Rock, The Beach Bar), Comerica Park area (Town Pump, Park Bar, Rub Pub Sports Bar, Coaches Corner) and Greek Town (Old Shillelagh, Fire Bird, The Well, The DetroiterSharkys, etc)

10.  State law (Senate bill 165) allows alcohol to be consumed while on the HandleBar, however the city of Detroit has  judged against the state law citing that Disorderly Conduct ((Code § 38-5-1) trumps the state law allowing beer on pedal pubs.  If you’ve heard otherwise , unfortunately that is  incorrect.  We are currently working with the city on a daily basis to allow it and will let everyone know, of course, as soon as that happens – we hope sooner rather than later.  If you have any questions on this at all you can e-mail us here



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