The HandleBar starting location is across from the Z-Garage in Downtown Detroit.

Parking Options:
1. Compuware Garage: 
 This garage is on the same block we start tours (1140 Farmer).  You can pay the rates (typically $10/24hrs) or you can have your parking validated if you visit the Hard Rock Cafe (they will validate your parking if you buy anything at their bar and take your parking voucher w/ a Hard Rock receipt to their gift shop).  The Detroit Police use the first floor as parking for many of their squad cars in this garage and have a satellite office on the 1st floor, but the floors above are open to general public.

2.  Street Parking:  Sundays parking is free and all other days it’s $1/hour.  There are spots on literally every street and you can pay up to 4 hours in advance.  Worried you’ll be at a bar and need to re-up the meter ?  Not a problem – you can even manage your meter from an app in your phone here

3. Z-Garage: You can park literally a couple steps away from The HandleBar in Dan Gilbert’s beautifully renovated Z-Garage.  Rates are here (typically $10/24hrs)and Reviews of the garage can be found here  This is the coolest parking garage we’ve ever seen.
–> Bonus: If you Purchase drinks or food at Punch Bowl Social before, after or during your tour (and mention you are a HandleBar customer) they will validate 2-hrs worth of parking for you at the Z-Garage.  All you do is take your receipt to the hostess stand and the hostess will provide you with a “QR code” that you can scan when you exit the Z-garage.  The only caveat is that the code is not always valid for certain days (For example, Lions games when only cash is accepted)  Punch Bowl’s address and contact info is 1331 Broadway St. Detroit, Mi 48226 and 313-749-9738   Punch Bowl Social also accommodates HandleBar customers who wish to make reservations so give them a ring to set that up!

4.  People Mover:  You can take the people mover (elevated rail system downtown detroit) from anywhere in the city and get off on stop #4 “Cadillac Center” (We share the Cadillac Center building as our starting location).  The people mover has stops all over downtown Detroit near many hotels, COBO, Joe Louis, Greek Town etc.  A full map of where the people mover stops can be found here.  People Mover Pricing and schedule can be found here.

5.  Greektown Casino: You can park at the Greektown Casino on most days for free here.  Once you’re parked you can walk 4-5 blocks to us easily or take the people mover (see #4)

6. Taxi: You can park from anywhere and take an Uber

7. Walk to us :)