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We have 2 Starting Locations

(Scroll down for Tours Departing From Detroit Shipping Company)

Pro Tip: Make sure EVERYONE in your group PLANS to be slowed down with traffic and construction on your commute!

Location #1: Tours Departing from Tin Roof:

Address is: 2021 Witherell Detroit, Michigan 48226

PLAN AHEAD:  Downtown is packed just about every single day with events and concerts, not to mention construction on many roads into downtown.  Don’t let one person in your group delay the whole tour!  We recommend showing up at least 1hr early so you can enjoy the specials our partner bars offer, stress free!

Option 1:
If you’re driving there is parking in the Methodist Church parking lot right behind Tin Roof (See Picture Below).  The address is 34 E. Elizabeth St. Detroit, Mi 48226.  Parking depends on the day and events (baseball games are more, etc), pricing goes up with events.  Bring cash because they don’t take credit cards 🙂  This is the only parking option that is a couple steps from the start of your tour and you get the feel good of supporting the church and the small business that runs the lot (We love them both if you can’t tell)  HandleBar does not own any parking lots downtown and they are first come/first served.

IMPORTANT: Events, Games (Tigers/Wings/Pistons/Lions) & Concerts are BACK.  The fun downtown is at an all time high.  It also means traffic and parking can be tough to find and expensive.

Option 2: If you want to setup a ride from anywhere downtown Detroit (your hotel, a parking garage a few blocks from us, etc) check out our friends, Gest Detroit.  They can provide you with transportation to and from for $5.00 per person . Please contact or 313 770 2273 at minimum 24 hrs before your tour.

Option 3: Park anywhere along Woodward Ave from the Detroit River all the way up to New Center (3 miles north of downtown) and take the Qline.   This option majorly frees up your parking options and gives you a chance to try out the Street Car system!  We’ve heard that it’s FREE to ride through the summer, as well so that’s a bonus!

Here’s a map:


Option 4: You could park in one of the parking lots that are owned by billionaire Mike Illitch (Red Wings, Tigers, etc), one of the parking garages within 3 blocks of Tin Roof or try and find a street spot using the parking app.  None are as close or convenient as the Methodist Church parking lot above though.  Everything is first come/first serve so PLEASE arrive early.

Option 5: The people mover has stops all over downtown Detroit near many hotels, COBO, Joe Louis, Greek Town, The Ren Cen etc. A full map of where the people mover stops can be found here. People Mover Pricing and schedule can be found here.

Location #2: Tours Departing From Detroit Shipping Company

474 Peterboro Detroit, Michigan
(Scroll up for Tin Roof tour location)

Parking @ Detroit Shipping Company:

Shipping Co. Option 1: There is a gravel parking lot next to (east of) the bar that you can park a car in (typically $10/spot, but before 3pm could be free if they do not have an attendant).  There is a 2nd gravel lot operated by a private company (not detroit shipping company) that you may also use.

Gated Lots

Shipping Co. Option 2: Our recommendation is to park at one of the many gated & secured lots that can be found within a block of Detroit Shipping Company.  (along 2nd street between Founders Brewing & Detroit Shipping Company).  These are super easy to spot once you get near the starting location.

Park anywhere and take the Q-Line

Shipping Co. Option 3: We’re a couple blocks off Woodward so you can park anywhere along Woodward, including downtown, and take the Q-Line.  We’re a couple blocks off Woodward so you’d just walk from there to get to Detroit Shipping Company.  Not sure how the Q-Line works ?  Plan your ride here

Street Parking

Shipping Co. Option 4: Street parking is free on many of the streets that line the area.  These spaces are obviously not secured.

For areas with metered parking Sundays are free.  For non-Sundays it’s $1/hour.  You can pay up to 4hours in advance.  Worried you’ll be at the bar for longer than that and need to re-up ?  You can manage your parking from an app here


Call us responsible adults or lazy millennials, but we STRONGLY recommend utilizing an Uber or a Lyft.  Traffic, Construction and parking can be a challenge getting downtown and having the ride part taken care of just makes things easier, not to mention safer if you’re drinking.  Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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