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Detroit Bachelorette Party in Action

Detroit Bachelorette Party with HandleBar

Best Detroit Bachelorette Party Ideas

You’re trying to plan a fun time downtown in Downtown Detroit for the bride-to-be, but how the heck do you narrow it down?  How do you know which Bachelorette Party Ideas will be best for your group?  You’ve got so many personalities and price points to juggle!  How to make sure you’ve got a right match that includes something for everyone?  You could google, “Best Detroit Bachelorette Party Ideas” or “Detroit Bachelorette Party” but that will take you down a wormhole of weird lists.  We’re bachelorette party experts!  Let us get the ball rolling with a list of a few of our favorites.

There’s a ton to do downtown Detroit!   Is the bride the type of girl who wants to try a little bit of everything?  Seeing the city, maybe a little pampering and get a chance to enjoy being the center of attention?  Gather your girls and explore the fun things to do in Detroit.  Our list can be accomplished in one single day or over the course of a weekend and Bachelorette party ideas range from adventuring through the city, biking, some excellent food, killer content for the ‘gram, some pampering, and of course live music!  If a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt is your thing it can be mixed into any of the below as well!

Bachelorette Party Idea #1:  See The City and Pamper Your Crew!

  • You don’t want to leave downtown feeling like you missed something!   This idea will get you a flavor of actually seeing the city without breaking a sweat.  It’s the perfect 3 block radius for your crew to walk.  It’ll give you a little bit of shopping, pampering, partying and of course killer spots to get those perfect Instagram pictures in the top spots in Detroit.  Because this area has the heaviest foot traffic in Detroit it’s also perfect for a bachelorette scavenger hunt as well! (if that’s your thing)
  • Cruise Parker’s Alley and take in the architecture of Shinola Hotel or one of their bars (Evening Bar, San Morello).  You could grab a round of juice at Detroit’s own DROUGHT (The “Recovery” is clutch for a long weekend).  Swing by the original location of The Lip Bar (created by Detroit’s own Melissa Butler).  There are lots of really cool retail (like lululemon, Madewell , Good NeighborH&M) or grab your caffeine fix at Madcap coffee. Be sure to check out The Brakeman where all beers are the same price with tokens you buy at the door. Next door is Queens Bar.  It has legit patio views and most weekends they have a DJ!  No matter what though, definitely check out the murals between them.  That’s a lot for an alley in Detroit, right ?!  Don’t miss it!
  • Less than a block from Parker’s Alley is The Belt, another alley, believe it or not.  This is an Instagram influencer’s paradise, but regardless if you’re a semi-professional instagrammer or just an amateur, everyone wants the picture.  Do it for the gram! (or is it Tik Tok now?) Beyond all the ridiculously cool artwork that lines the walls you can pop into Library Street Collective or one of the bars, Deluxx Fluxx, The Skip, Standby or Mootz.  Hint: If you want the neon pic that is all the rage be sure not to miss Deluxx Fluxx 😉
  • Pamper your squad at Salon 6 or TEN in Capitol Park.  Both awesome spots to get your look right.  No trip through Capitol Park would be right without stopping into Bird Bee to peruse.  You might notice the buildings from The Transformers movie that was filmed there in 2016, although lots of new retail has gone in like Detroit Bikes, Eatori’ Market, La Laterna, City Bark, Boyd Beauty Prime and Proper and more so you’ll have to look close!
  • Of all the bachelorette party ideas this is the only one that could be FREE if you want it to be.  That makes it the perfect all-inclusive choice 🙂

Bachelorette Party Idea #2: Check out the best LIVE music in Detroit. Tin Roof, A LIVE Music Joint

  • What bachelorette party theme or day is complete without some good tunes ? And Tin Roof is legit! There isn’t a better spot for live music in the D. Over the years, their stages have hosted the famous, the should have been famous, and everyone in between! They have a LIVE act every night of the week so you can take the guessing out of whether this place will be cool on your night or not. Check their website to see who’s performing for when you plan to stop in, but you can bet it’s always someone who will rock the room.
  • If you’re not familiar with Tin Roof, it has 4 floors of entertainment complete with a live music stage, DJ booth, grass covered beer garden and a rooftop patio with one of the best views of Detroit. Everyday of the week there is LIVE music so regardless of when you’re trying to go out.  It’s a great spot to party!
  • In addition to legit entertainment 7 days a week HandleBar tours start on their patio.  That means this bachelorette party idea is the perfect spot to do before or after your tour without having to worry about finding transportation.  Because it’s such a huge venue it’s also a great spot to knock off a few items from your bachelorette scavenger hunt list, if you’re doing one.
  • Located at 47 East Adams Ave in Detroit right in the thick of the entertainment district: directly next to Comerica Park and near Ford Field, Little Caesars Arena & more.

Bachelorette Party Idea #3: Do a foodie tour without having to get an uber

  • Another Bachelorette Idea is to stop by Detroit Shipping Company.  It’s a restaurant collective and beer garden featuring five unique food-truck style eateries, two full service bars, a coffee and ice cream shop, a small outdoor stage, galleries for local artists and retailers, and two private lounges. All constructed from refashioned shipping containers.  Did we mention it’s full of amazing Instagram worthy backdrops ?
  • We’ve never met anyone that wasn’t impressed with the restaurants at Shipping Co. They all have something unique from amazing chicken to tacos and nachos to Thai food (you gotta try the Pad Thai Roll!) to homestyle Nepalese dumplings and of course Burgers. Those are just the Instagram pages for each restaurant, but you can find all of the menus here. If you’re trying to ball out on a budget (that’s right, it’s not expensive, but it definitely tastes and looks like it is!) there is no better place to try something new.
  • The pictures of the facility don’t do it justice. There is awesome artwork and there are picnic tables in one portion and an outdoor patio in the other. All kinds of fun games (giant jenga, corn hole, etc) are there if you want to kill some time as well! You have the option to do your HandleBar tour from here so it’s a great spot to grub down before you ride as well… another spot that is usually bustling with people that will garner plenty of attention! (and the ability to knock off a bachelorette scavenger hunt item or two)

Bachelorette Party Idea #4: Capture the Moment

  • When the weekend is over you want to make SURE you have something that perfectly captures the bachelorette party weekend w/ all of your friends together. Having a friend take some pictures with a cellphone means that person can’t be in the photo and who wants to depend on a stranger to get the perfect shot ?  Or worse yet, everything ends up getting lost in Snapchat videos or insta-stories.  Hiring a photographer or videographer can be an awesome way to make sure you document perfectly without adding any stress and it’s surprisingly affordable.
  • Photography: So who do you reach out to ? Everyone is a photographer these days.  If you’ve looked at our instagram account you’ll know one of our favorites is Kat Stevenson. She pays attention to detail and is always a huge help recognizing where the best shot is and directing everyone in the group on what to do. You won’t get just a “point and shoot” style deal and she’s also awesome at re-touching photos.  She can do a studio session or meet you downtown (The walking tour in #1 above would make for some legit backgrounds) Kat is Detroit’s premier lifestyle photographer so if you want to get pricing shoot Kat a DM on instagram and tell her we sent you for a HandleBar hookup.  (The min time commitment is 1hr.)
  • Videography: If you’re looking for a wedding or bachelorette VIDEOGRAPHER you can’t go wrong w/ Chelsey at Bella Reel, she ALWAYS crushes it.  She’s documented wedding parties on The HandleBar, Numerous Wedding Hype Videos, That one time family got married and is honestly just amazing when it comes to capturing a story & anything fun.  Chelsey honed her skills working for the Detroit Red Wings & has become our good friend over the years as owner of Bella Reel, but once you see her videos (click the links above) you’ll see why we’re recommending her.   Give her IG account a look over and see if it’s something you might like!

Bachelorette Party Idea #5: Experience Detroit’s Brunch Scene!

  • Do a pre-game Brunch at Tin Roof before you depart on your HandleBar Tour.  Since it’s at our starting location you can show up early and not have to mess with getting ubers all over the city.  Tin Roof has a 90’s Brunch that is awesome and they have $20 buckets of mini champagne bottles that are super fun to mix mimosas with.  Want to step that up a notch ?  Do a HandleBar Brunch Tour: Details Here
  • Whether you do a Brunch HandleBar tour or another time of day, lets be honest; What does the bride want more than anything ? To be the center of attention & be surrounded by her BFFs, of course!  There is no better way than being in the open air cruising up and down Woodward on a HandleBar tour!  Come check out The Detroit Original and bring your own music and drinks.  You can get down on your very own VIP dance floor. (that’s what we call the middle of our bike ;))
  • All-inclusive activity: This is something your mom or aunt can join without it feeling weird (or not!).  It’s a bike ride, but it’s super fun for everyone. There are 10 pedaling seats and 6-non so there’s a spot for anyone.  We’ve even got an electric assist motor to help! No reason to exclude anyone w/ this Bachelorette Party Idea!
  • We’ll take you to every main area in the central downtown.  You can decorate the bike and we’ll take on any bachelorette party theme that you prefer!  The popular bachelorette scavenger hunt is perfect for a tour as well since you’ll see so many places!
  • We consistently hear that the HandleBar is the highlight of the bachelorette weekend, despite being one of the least expensive activities you can choose in the city (Bring Your Own Bar!).  We know Detroit well and would love to help you plan the perfect bachelorette party weekend.  Ask us questions!
  • Since 2012 The HandleBar has been a top-rated bachelorette activity.  If you’ve chosen the groom correctly, you’ll only get one party so choose wisely! 😉

Final Thoughts on Detroit Bachelorette Party Ideas:

The most important thing with any bachelorette party is that you do the planning up front and get buy in on participation from the girls that are considering joining the fun.  If you carefully plan things out you can relax and be in the moment once you’re downtown.   Although we might only be one portion of the overall Bachelorette weekend, we love to share what we know about Detroit so shoot us a text with questions and don’t be bashful.  One other thing to mention is that we HIGHLY recommend whoever is doing the planning to get the money from each girl well before the weekend starts.  No one wants to be stressed about someone backing out (last minute) when you’re supposed to be having fun.  Anyway, get pumped up because The HandleBar will without a doubt be one of the most talked about parts of the weekend…. see you guys soon!