Detroit bar crawl

Downtown Tour Location

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All downtown tours will start at our new location: 340 Macomb, Detroit, MI 48226.  We’re 1 block away from our previous location right in the heart of Greektown.  It’s the parking lot behind Old Shillelagh (and several other bars/restaurants).  We’re literally located in the most bar/restaurant-dense area in the city, so if you arrive early (or want to stay after) there is plenty to do only footsteps away.

Midtown Tour Location

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All of our Midtown tours will start at Detroit Shipping Company, 3 blocks north of Little Caesar’s Arena. (474 Peterboro St).  This location is PERFECT for groups to celebrate before and after the tour.  Why ?  You get the food of several five star food trucks (but they’re small restaurants inside), the atmosphere of a beer garden with massive outdoor and indoor seating, often LIVE music, local art, etc.  Words can’t do it justice; check it out here: