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Upgrade Your Next Corporate Outing with The HandleBar Detroit

If you absolutely love cubicles and fluorescent lighting this may not be for you. For everyone else, say hello to the best thing to ever happen to office outings! The HandleBar Detroit offers corporate team building experiences that are inclusive to all of your employees or coworkers, gets the office outside and promotes the true meaning of working together and teamwork!

Team Building:

We are experts on birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, tailgates on wheels before the big game and really any other celebration, you name it! That said, one of the most popular events people book our bike bars for are office outings/team building events. Now you may be asking, why should I book a team building event on The HandleBar? There are a ton of reasons, but we’ll narrow it down to the three most important.

1.Actual team building

It’s like renting a private VIP room that moves past skyscrapers and every iconic attraction downtown, but most importantly it also achieves the actual purpose of the tour: Team building!  In previous jobs we’ve all done our fair share of office outings where people only interact with their “office BFF” or the activity isn’t really conducive to team building (or fun).  Picture this; we’re like a giant picnic table riding through the city, so our bike bar tours basically force everyone to interact with one another, never mind the fact that you have to pedal together to move. A perfect example of our pedal pub tours promoting team communication and engaging all members of the office happens most frequently when the bike bars are stopped at a red light. Pay attention when the light turns green, someone always gets called out for not pedaling quick enough! Some friendly finger pointing is almost always bound to happen if someone isn’t pulling their weight.  That said, we do have an electric pedal assist on each bike to help if you’d like it!


2.See Downtown Detroit

There is no better way to take in the city than in the open air, on a HandleBar bike bar, with friends and coworkers!  The slow pace allows you to look around and see all the new developments happening downtown at your leisure while you play your own music and talk to each other.  If you have questions during the tour, we love to talk about the city too, so just ask. Remember, our bike bar tours typically consist of 20 minutes of cruising followed by 20 minutes of resting at a landmark or bar/restaurant, so there’s tons of time to chat about what you saw during the pedaling or after, while we’re stopped.  Our drivers are also instructed on the best places/angles to get group photos in the city, so you’ll always have something to remember the experience.

corporate tour on handlebar detroit pedal pub taking group photoExperiences appreciate in value & we always make sure you have them documented


3.Tours are FREE when your boss pays

Talk your boss into booking a HandleBar bike bar tour for a team outing and if you’re lucky he or she will foot the bill!  Even better, talk them into booking a tour a couple hours before the office typically lets out and you can sneak it in when you would normally have to work.  If you need help getting the wheels moving, maybe try this: make a deal with the bigwigs; if a certain target or milestone is achieved the bike bar tour is the prize or bonus for you and your coworkers.  Working hard is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to play hard too!

handlebar pedal pub detroit corporate team building starting placeDetroit as seen from our starting location downtown.


Still on the fence?  Check out our promo video!     


We’re pumped to get you guys out on a tour with us!  If you have any questions at all you can text us at 586-960-5851 (or call) or e-mail us at


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