Team Building Detroit: A Unique Venue for Team Building in Detroit!

If you’re a big fan of cubicles and fluorescent lighting we may not be the right option for your next team builder.  For everyone else, say hello to the best thing to ever happen to office outings!  We operate the world’s first Pedal Pub® and have 10 bike bars here in Detroit.  Whether you call them a Pedal Pub / Rolling Pub / Party Bike / Bike Bars or a HandleBar, we are the perfect way to see the city of Detroit!  We do corporate team building Detroit experiences that are inclusive to all of your employees. (We have electric motors!)  We’re proud to be an activity that people want to actually do, while also promoting the true meaning of working together and teamwork!

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If you take a tour with the HandleBar it’s similar to renting a giant VIP picnic table  that cruises past every iconic attraction downtown, but most importantly it also achieves the actual purpose of the tour: Team building!   Stephen and I have been doing this since 2012 and corporate outings are easily one of our most popular celebrations on the rolling pubs.


There is no better way to take in the city than being on one of our Bike Bars with friends and coworkers!  Because we only go roughly 5mph it allows you to take in and really notice all the new things that are going on downtown as you wish, while you rock out to your own tunes and chat with each other. We always enjoy discussing things going on downtown as well, so just let us know if you have questions.  And we never forget to snag a few memorable group photos of you and your team!  Afterall, what is team building if we don’t get you some proof to show management our Downtown Detroit experience! 😉

corporate tour on handlebar detroit pedal pub taking group photoExperiences appreciate in value & we always ensure to get things documented

The other thing to consider is that TOURS ARE FREE (when your boss pays) so get this link going around the office and see if you can’t get yourself a free team builder paid for by the big guy!


Have 32 or fewer?

“Highly recommend taking a group! The pretzel necklaces were a hit. Having great tunes and a fun bartender was a riot. The city was sparkling! Great way to kick off the Holiday Season. Thank you James – for making it fun and keeping us safe!” – KT B.

“Had a wonderful time riding the handlebar Detroit car. Excellent site seeing with landmarks from history. It’s nice when you’re moving slow enough to enjoy all the new additions to the downtown area. I would definitely do it again!”
– Andre S.

“Had an awesome time on this. Our driver was great and friendly and gave us suggestions when we asked and also listened to our ideas of where we wanted to stop. Would definitely recommend for a fun time and would do it again!”
– L R.

“This is a great way to get out and experience the city. I’ve done it a couple times and had a great time, each time. Pro Tip: schedule a group ride in the winter. Make some hot cider or cocoa and bundle up. The sights and sounds are amazing.”  – Doug L.