HandleBar: Detroit’s #1 Brunch Party Idea

Of all the Best Brunch Party Ideas in Detroit, remove the hassle and just let us show you the fun!  There is no better way to brunch & here are 3 reasons why:



Kickstart the day and see the city while you brunch, pedal and party!  Day drinking through Detroit’s brunch scene will be the highlight of your weekend!



Tired of a stuffy scene and $20 eggs ?  Bring Your Own Bar® for a 2.5hr tour where you’ll see the entire city of Detroit stopping to grab brunch at one of the sickest venues in Detroit, Tin Roof.  



Experiences appreciate in value!  Plus, we’ll make sure you end up with more than enough Instagram (or Tik Tok?) content to remember the good times!

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Brunch Parties in Action

Brunch Ideas

OK, so you’re pretty sold on having brunch somewhere.  Now we need to dive into the details how to make this outing a success for your group.  You could easily google “best restaurant for brunch” or “best brunch party”….  OR you could just let us show you the light.  Here’s how we’d recommend the best ever brunch party in Detroit.

Brunch Idea #1:  Kickoff the day w/ a Brunch Tour on The HandleBar

  • Wake up and hop on a Pedal Pub® tour.  Bring Your Own Bar® onto The HandleBar Pedal Pub® and spend the first hour of the tour seeing the city while you play your own music and crack into a couple drinks
  • Our BYOB policy is unprecedented so take advantage!  Some great examples are Mimosas, Beermosas or even just some ice cold seltzers
  • You’ll be able to play your own music as we cruise past all of the iconic spots in Detroit (don’t worry we’ll also stop for pictures)
  • Midway through the tour we’ll stop off for Brunch….

Brunch Idea #2: Hit the right spot for Brunch

  • Don’t worry; you’re in good hands as we’ve got you covered for the brunch spot
  • At Tin Roof you’ll have 1hr for brunch where you can sit inside or hit their rooftop and look out over 3 stories directly onto Comerica Park.  There is really no better view in the city.
  • Saturdays are a 90’s theme and Sundays are a Millennial Best of the 2000’s so the DJ will definitely be making sure it’s not a stuffy scene.
  • So what about the food / drink ?  They’ve got instagram worthy $20 buckets of 5 mini bottles of champagne that are perfect for mixing up mimosas.  Their food menu is legit as well

Brunch Idea #3: The After Party!

  • We’ll be finishing the tour at Detroit Shipping Company, which is an awesome spot to continue the party, if you so choose.
  • Detroit Shipping Co. is a restaurant collective and beer garden featuring five unique food-truck style eateries, two full service bars, a coffee and ice cream shop, a small outdoor stage, galleries for local artists and retailers, and two private lounges. All constructed from refashioned shipping containers.  The outdoor space they have setup and vibe are hard to match and you’ll be finishing your brunch tour at 12:30pm, fashionably late to their brunch START, which begins at noon.
  • They usually have music, cornhole in their courtyard, giant jenga and lots of fun things to do

Brunch Idea #4: Further Explore The City

Not huge into the after party or just want to do something a little more tame ? There are beautiful parks all over the city.  Take the opportunity to walk to one of the beautiful spaces all right downtown

  • Campus Martius is absolutely gorgeous and located right in the middle of Woodward Ave downtown.  They have a beach, a beach bar, a fine dining restaurant, a beautiful fountain and an open grassy area that movies and events take place on.  Even if all you do is walk though it, we highly recommend stopping by Campus Martius Park.
  • Across from Tin Roof is an awesome Dog Park, within Grand Circus Park.  Even if you don’t have a dog you can still hang and meet the pups that are there.  (We’ve definitely done this before, haha)
  • We also made an awesome list of things to do downtown if you’re really trying to be ambitious HERE
  • The cost to visit any of these parks is FREE.  You can easily walk to every one of these parks in a single afternoon!  Get outside and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

Brunch Idea #5: Veteran Moves to Finish the Day

  • Make sure to chug some Pedialyte (or water) once things start to wind down.  A true veteran will mix in waters throughout the day, but at least hydrate a couple hrs before bed.
  • You started at 10am and had an absolute blast.  You’re cheating life!  Get to bed by 10pm so you can cash in on a great night’s sleep
  • Wake up for Monday feeling totally refreshed because day drinking brunch partying is an absolute life hack!