Our COVID-19 Safe Start Plan

12/12/20 Update: The shutdown has been extended.  For the safety of our customers and staff we’re shutting down operations until at least 12/20.  We’ve issued refunds to those that were booked and anyone who books a future tour can cancel for a full refund if there are any issues related to COVID.  Stay safe friends!

11/16/20 Update: For the safety of our customers and staff we’re shutting down operations until at least 12/12.  We’ve issued refunds to those that were booked and anyone who books a future tour can cancel for a full refund if there are any issues related to COVID.  Stay safe friends!

7/30/20 UPDATE: Bars are all open and so are we!  The only “bars” affected by the latest shut down are those that do not serve at least 30% food sales.  That means just about every bar we visit is still open, including our awesome starting spots at Tin Roof & Detroit Shipping Company

Due to COVID-19, we’re taking extra precautions as we open back up and therefore limiting the number of passengers per bike allowed THROUGH July 10th, 2020. For these tours falling within the date range of July 10th, a maximum of 8 passengers will be offered at a discounted rate. Our sanitization and disinfection processes are taken with the utmost care to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our employees. 

For tours starting July 11th we will allow 12-person tours.  Customers can fill each side of the bike with 6 passengers.  Each side of the bike is 6ft apart.  Think of it like 2 tables at an outdoor restaurant, but where you are friends/family with the table next to you, 6ft away.  Due to this restraint, customers will not be allowed to sit on the back bench or stand in the middle of the bike.

Safety Protocols we’re taking:

  • All employees will wear masks for the duration of the tour.
  • All employees will have their temperature checked at the beginning of their first shift each day they are working.
  • Private group tours only – Please consider booking with those you’ve already been in contact with during the pandemic
  • Non-bar stop tour available – Our guests can bring their own alcohol and snacks and we’ll make a few stops at historic/beautiful sites throughout Detroit. We’ve designed new tours equipped with some fun games/activities to maximize the time you paid for on the bike! 
  • Medical grade sanitizer and disinfectant will be used throughout the tour to ensure surfaces remain clean
  • Employees will handle any customer belongings during the tour when using disposable, non-latex gloves, if you desire.  Also, if you’d rather handle your belongings, that’s 100% OK, and we then recommend delegating this to someone from your party.
  • Wearing a mask is recommended for all guests during the tour, but must be worn to gain access to any bar we visit, including outdoor establishments. (Bring a mask for each person!)
  • For 8-person tours in June and through July 10th, guests will be required to sit every other seat to maintain socially safe distancing while riding
  • GETTING OUTSIDE! Enjoy the fresh air and warm sun


Detailed Laws if you would like to understand where these rules came from:

  • Per Gov. Whitmer’s Executive Order,
    • Follow social distancing measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), including remaining at least six feet from people from outside the individual’s household to the extent feasible under the circumstances.
      – CDC social distancing guidelines are here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/social-distancing.html
    • Wear a face covering over his or her nose and mouth—such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief—when in any enclosed public space, unless the individual is unable medically to tolerate a face covering.
    • An individual may be required to temporarily remove a face covering upon entering an enclosed public space for identification purposes. An individual may also remove a face covering to eat or drink when seated at a restaurant or bar.
  • Per COVID-19 City of Detroit Small Business opening plan found here
    • Initial testing of each employee for Covid-19
    • Daily employee temperature check, health screening, and monitoring
    • Workplace distancing and hygiene protocols
    • Mandatory use of masks and other necessary PPE
    • Thorough and frequent cleaning of workspaces and vehicles
    • Ensuring a continuous adequate stockpile of necessary PPE and sanitizing supplies

For a seasonal business like ours every month we’ve been closed has hit twice as hard.  Lets be safe, but enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors while it lasts!  If you have any questions regarding our policy please reach out with a text 586-960-5851.  Stephen and I have been doing HandleBar for 8 years now and although we didn’t think our 9th would look like this, we can’t wait to see you all! 

Brian Lindsay

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